OKBADLANDS – Tiny Measures EP

Brissy duo OKBADLANDS (Kate Gurren and Sally Latter), are back into our line of sight with their long awaited debut EP, Tiny Measures. Comprised of five sensational tracks, Tiny Measures gives light to OKBADLANDS uncanny knack of creating emotionally rich soundscapes.

Opening the EP is 'Dust & Gold', a track that broadcasts the emotional cosmic electro, a theme continued throughout the EP. Previously released 'Pty Ltd' follows on as the second single, with its signature melodies and soothing production. 'Where You Go' blends OKBADLANDS quirky use of samples and electro influences with the indie rock vibes you'd relate to someone like Eliza And The Delusionals. Collaborating with GXNXVS, OKBADLANDS have formed an ethereal track that caresses the ears with 'Standing Too Close'. Closing out the Tiny Measures EP is 'Mineral', a concoction of good vibes build around impetus synths and intricate vocal arrangements.

 OKBADLANDS' Tiny Measures EP has lived up to expectations, and far surpassed them! We can't wait to see what's to come next from the Brissy legends.