Outsidr - Cells

London based wave producer, Outsidr has made an outstanding Liquid Ritual debut with his single 'Cells'.

Like all solid wave creations, 'Cells' portrays an ethereal tone propelled by a bass centric production. 'Cells' core progression is relatively brisk, with breaks within the fleeting cadence, allowing for an empyreal aura to flourish unbridled. The single melds succulent sub bass, with shimmering synths resulting in an ornate ensemble. Outsidr also utilises vivid vocal samples that dance at the forefront of the mosaic composition. 'Cells' is an inventive forethought into the potential lyrical evolution of wave, and marks another innovation for the genre.

Outsidr is a striking artist, who is ready to push the boundaries. This creative ideology fits perfectly with Liquid Ritual, and their mission to elevate wave from the underground.