Pat Carroll - Conditions EP

Pat Carroll has announced himself to the music world as one of Australia’s up and coming electronic artists with the release of the impressive 3 track EP Conditions. Serving as an introductory demonstration to Carroll’s creative capabilities, Conditions utilises sound design, unorthodox percussion and textured pads to create ambient, emotive electronica resemblant of modern contemporaries Bonobo and Jon Hopkins.

The opening track, ‘Materialise’ features pleasant melodic keys layered with glittering sample sounds and fluctuated ringing. These flourishing aspects are underpinned by a richly saturated bass and buoyant kick. ‘Gestalt’ really delves into the EP title name, using a culmination of tropical samples and earthy ripples to transport the listener into unexplored territory. Airy pads swirl in the opening sequence before parting way for a minimal techno beat which uses squelching toms and clicking sounds to assert its individuality.

The title track, ‘Conditions’ leaves the listener undoubting in Carroll’s ability to create emotive bodies of textured sound. Commencing with droning reverb and industrial sounds, ominous synth tones begin to ring out allowing the track to blossom into its own realm. Glitchy interweaving percussion bearing the hallmarks of a Jon Hopkins track then enters the fray creating a stuttering groove which propels the track to greater heights, before concluding with the EP’s trademark ambient pad.

Throughout Conditions EP, Carroll poses the potential necessary to become a leading figure in Australia’s rapidly expansive electro obsession. For now, we eagerly await his next project.

Pat Carroll Press Shot.jpg