Peking Duk & AlunaGeorge - Fake Magic

Returning from their Clown Town TourPeking Duk, the boys from Canberra are back; teaming up with the English electro duo AlunaGeorge to create a funk-tastic tuner. 'Fake Magic' boasts a catchy bass line, that compliments the brilliantly crafted chorus that will slide straight into your ears; stirring your body into a bob and boogie.

Enriching the release of ‘Fake Magic’, Peking Duk and AlunaGeorge met in LA to shoot an accompanying video. The video was curated & produced by Dilly Gent and directed by Ellis Bahl.

I like mirrors, they’re magic. There’s a person that looks exactly like you standing on the other side! Maybe they’re fake magic, I don’t know? Maybe there’s a whole body of hard science looking at things like photons, and reflection angles, and the cones in your eyes... But maybe not? This video is about mirrors; mirror images, singing in the mirror, mirrored dancing, mirrored outfits. Oh and speaking of mirrors, the reason Peking Duk are eating soup at the bar is because the idea was inspired by the famous Marx Brothers mirror scene in the movie Duck Soup. That’s why I have them eating soup at the bar. Peking Duk Soup!
— Ellis Bahl