PNK FME - Sauvignon Blanc

Adelaide’s rising powerhouse producer and singer songwriter, PNK FME has returned with an absolute belter entitled ‘Sauvignon Blanc’.

'Sauvignon Blanc' retains PNK FME's brooding art pop sounds, while evolving his sonic with vivid intensity. Drawing from his surroundings in the "City of Churches" (Adelaide), PNK FME employs angelic arrangements that marry with a contemporary composition. Sustaining the theming of his previous releases, PNK FME explores the mind's ominous musings as fractured idolatry denatures the confines of reality. Alcohol acts as the catalyst for escapism, propelling a distorted perception. Beneath the sullen soundscape lies an individual longing to unearth clarity and direction from a life of anguish and hopelessness.

Be sure to keep a close eye on PNK FME as he continues to break boundaries and make a name for himself!

PNK FME Sauvignon Blanc 1.jpg