PREMIERE: Autosuggest - Lose Me

Electro rocker, Autosuggest has just released his edgy ensemble, ‘Lose Me’ pulled from his forthcoming album, Tame Harm.

‘Lose Me’s commanding composition brims with gruff distortions, a coarse cadence, and is topped off with a compelling character. Lyrically, Autosuggest harnesses an assertive stance as the striking electro pop structure drives the single forward. The fiery release is achieved through rollicking riffs, high-octane beats and relentless instrumentals. Autosuggest’s ‘Lose Me’ draws parallels to another Australian electro rock muso, Samsaruh. The pair are a testament of the genre’s prospering presence within the Australian music community.

With Autosuggest’s Tame Harm album on the horizon we can expects more unyielding singles from the rising artists.

Lose Me - Press Shots.jpg