PREMIERE: Azura - Meteor Shower

If you love Lorde, you'll fall for Brisbane vocalist and producer, Azura and her new single 'Meteor Shower'.

From the outset, it's clear that 'Meteor Shower' is a slow burning cosmic experience with a stunning climax. The single's sparse opening composition sets the stage for Azura's airy vocals to float uninhibited. 'Meteor Shower' portrays a luminous aura, blossomed through lush lyrics, sweeping synths, and buoyant beats. With each passing second, Azura hoists the angelic production with additional ethereal elements. As 'Meteor Shower' reaches it peak, the vivid vocals flourish above the supernal soundscape. For the closing segment, Azura brings 'Meteor Shower' back down to earth, completing the elating cycle (until you hit replay).

Azura is a self made artist, whose determination, and attention to detail is apparent in each and every aspect of her production, lyrics and performance delivery.

Meteor Shower is an ode to my imagination. I’d just moved from suburban Brisbane to the middle of Melbourne and I was pretty overwhelmed by it all - the lights and sounds, traffic, nightlife and crowds. I wanted a hiding place, a planetarium. I wanted to turn the city into some kind of fairytale. I wanted it to sound like magic, to dance to my fears.
— Azura
Photography by Katy Roubin

Photography by Katy Roubin