PREMIERE: Bad Decisions - Escape Plan

Aussie powerhouse duo, Bad Decisions have returned with their phenomenal single, ‘Escape Plan’ pulled from their forthcoming debut EP, A Moment In Time.

Fluid yet hard hitting in nature, ‘Escape Plan’ is a dynamic piece of production designed to make you move. The single’s commanding composition is forged through oppressive undertones, molten melodies, and vivacious vocal chops. Bad Decisions have perfectly fashioned each element of the ensemble to engross the listener. Accompanying the track’s release is a bombastic visualiser. The urgent and fleeting arrangement flawlessly translates ‘Escape Plan’s all-out assault on the senses into an impressive audio visual affair.

Bad Decisions aren’t slowing down. I can’t wait to see what the pair have in store for us!

A dream that turned into a nightmare that left me wide awake, breathless and with a dreaded sense of urgency. A feeling that whenever and wherever I found my place of peace, the alarm would suddenly go off and I’d have to grab everything and leave immediately. It made me feel very uneasy. We all want our safe place in the world I guess.
— Cameron Breen (1/2 Bad Decisions)