PREMIERE: BRUX - In My Dreams (Donatachi Remix)

Buckle up kids because it’s about to get bouncy! Sydney producer, BRUX and her sensational single ‘In My Dreams’ has received the full treatment from PC prince, Donatachi.

BRUX’s original production for ‘In My Dreams’ morphed melodic deep house with driving techno, as sporadic vocal samples glistened through the vast production. Donatachi maintains BRUX’s propulsive production ethos and standout samples, but adds his vivacious vistas to the fold. Donatachi transforms the original’s dark demeanour into a bubblegum pop and PC dreamscape, as rubbery beats rebound off striking synths. Throughout the energetic soundscape hints of old school EDM shine. Overall Donatachi’s rendition of BRUX’s ‘In My Dreams’ is a kaleidoscope of genres, sounds, and moods that fuse seamlessly together.

I can’t wait for Donatachi and BRUX’s next marvellous creations!