PREMIERE: Cassie Marin - Disrespect

One of American’s rising vocalists, Cassie Marin has released her sensuous RnB single, ‘Disrespect’.

‘Disrespect’ surges with alluring appeal as poignant piano morphs with Cassie Marin’s soulful vocals. Sweeping electronic elements expand the single’s vast soundscape, allowing for an aerial foundation for lavish lyrics to promenade effortlessly. Soothing melodies flow along side succulent samples, building ‘Disrespect’s fluid composition. ‘Disrespect’ bolsters Cassie Marin’s impressive discography with its verdant vocals, consoling cadence, and profound production.

I can’t wait to hear what’s to come from Cassie Marin as she continues to flourish in the alternative electro and RnB scenes.