PREMIERE: Crown Collective - Silence Compilation

Silence Full.jpg

Based out of Belgium, the Crown Collective is a record label and artist collective that brings light to developing acts. The collective doesn't classify itself as a single genre platform, rather it tears down the restrictive labels, and broadcasts music for what it is; an outlet for emotions.

Crown Collective's latest release Silence, is a beautiful collection of tracks from ten extraordinary artists.  Each artist brings their own unique twist of BPMs, genres and the interpretation of silence.

From brooding, lo-fi ensembles to all out trap bangers, Silence has it all. This compilation is sure to break boundaries and challenge the perception and meaning of silence.

Opening the compilation is Dunes with 'All I Need', a slow burner that caresses the ears, with crisp beats, and floating pads. This ethereal concoction is further continued with the textured, and atmospheric track 'Shimmer' by SoundPatrol and oylo. Turning it up a notch is Polyte with an eerie trap tune entitled 'Hard'. Indra strips it back to a minimalist approach, spacing out reverb and samples giving 'Pots & Pans' a unique trap atmosphere. On the other end of the spectrum is WARIOR's track, 'Automaton', which is bursting at the seams with sensational synths! These Voices Are Loud's 'Hard' is designed as an electrify soundscape that breaks momentarily for a subtle silence to take hold, before returning to its dynamic dance roots. Switching it up to a glitchy hip-hop ensemble is LMO with a grooving number dubbed 'Guess'. 'None The Less' allows for its synths and bass to play and meander throughout a delicate soundscape assembled by Nomia. Moving back into a darker and eerie semblance is vstkst with 'Dusk', a track that has the light and the dark duelling for control. Closing out this gorgeous compilation is Bluen, a producer who makes your truely appreciated silence over the course of eight minutes with his track 'Travelling Back With My Eyes Closed'.

Each artist's approach to this compilation allows for the listener to delve into the many ideologies that embody the meaning of silence. Crown Collective haven't just released a phenomenal compilation, but rather a think piece that challenges existing ideologies. The listener is encouraged to discover what silence means to them, and whether they have truely experienced it.