PREMIERE: Finfelix - Haunted (Feat. Steph Greenwood)

Melbourne based producer Finfelix has grooved his way into our lives with ‘Haunted’, featuring the soaring vocals of Steph Greenwood.

‘Haunted’ flourishes in its succulent soundscape. The single opens with a subdued aura and lofty pads before blossoming into an ensemble of buoyant beats, and lush riffs. Steph Greenwood’s vivacious vocal performance amplifies ‘Haunted’ as the track weaves into its climax. Summery synths morph with a darker undertone, equalising the track’s melodic motions. Finfelix’s opulent production perfectly compliments Steph Greenwood’s lavish lyrics, resulting in ‘Haunted’ being a top tier tune.

With Finfelix flexing his production prowess, I can’t wait to see what’s to come.