Davon Chandler

Davon Chandler

Multi-layered hip-hop beats, distorted synths intermingled with a soaring voice is the best way to describe Canadian vocalist and producer Hill. Lush cinematic overtones dominate Hill's downtempo soul; melding classical techniques with a hyper-modern digital aesthetics.

This diverse fusion of has granted Hill various award nominations, and a position as a topline writer at Ultra Music. Hill is quickly proving to be a dynamic force on the North American electronic music scene.

Hill's second single 'Weak' draws you in with the ornate production, and vocal performance. If you delve deeper into the multidimensional piece you discover fragility of the human condition.  

In a moment of realisation - that sometimes watching someone you’ve loved and let go fall apart is harder to handle than the heartbreak itself.
— Hill

Complimenting the single, the Canadian producer and vocalist has teamed up with Director Justin Sirizzotti from SLO-FI STUDIO to create a exquisite and polished music video. The video visually explores an individual's inner journey, and vividly represents the lyrics of the song.

We highly recommend checking out this accomplished musician, and keeping an eye on her in the future. We promise you that you won't be disappointed!