It's time to get around the exceptional sounds of Melbourne duo, HYPERSOL.

HYPERSOL was born in the early hours of the morning at one of Melbourne's many phenomenal warehouse parties where two artists (Hypersleep & OLIVER SOL) bonded over a mutual love of each others music, coffee, and techno. Hypersleep and OLIVER SOL's project is a flawless fusion between the artists that simply ‘get’ one another; melding the best of their artistry.

'Sound & Lies' is a synthesis of musical chemistry. With the amalgamation of organic, multi-layered drums, smooth vocals and complex instrumental layering, the track is electronic music at its finest. HYPERSOL have absolutely nailed this one, creating a track that not only makes you move, but makes you feel too.

With the release of 'Sound & Lies' and the announcement of HYPERSOL's other single, 'Crawlspace' on Purple Sneakers earlier this week, the duo are definitely attracting fans to their lush take on techno.

‘HYPERSOL’ will be available on Friday, September 1st through Thirds Music.

The majority of this track came surging through us in the very first session... There was no talk whatsoever of what we’d aim to do with that initial moment, we just did and this is what happened.
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