JIM ALXNDR is a well sort after writer and composer, collaborating with the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen, Broods, and Elle Graham (a.k.a. WOODES). Now the prolific producer is back with his original release, ‘Closer’.

‘Closer’ captures the essence of a tropical retreat with vivacious vistas and conga inspired soundscapes. The vibrant nature of the release suits itself to a Mario Kart beach course or another arcade styled experience. Although approachable and bubbly in its presentation, ‘Closer’ is an impressive mosaic of instrumentation and profound production techniques. Each individual element is consciously placed into the composition to enhance the listening experience and sound design. JIM ALXNDR is a master of his craft, and his ability to create varied styles is on full display in ‘Closer’.

Be sure to keep a close eye on JIM ALXNDR as he continues to release outstanding pieces of music.