PREMIERE: KLP - Melt (Remix EP)

Last month, local legend KLP teamed up with Wavo for an exclusive remix competition for her hit single 'Melt.'

Now, after 129 entries, and hours upon hours of funky remixes, the three winners have emerged! Aussie SAYYA, and Europeans Champloø and ENEMi have taken out the top spot with their poppin creations. The three winners have earned themselves a merch pack, along with their remix being officially released through Cereaus Records, and a one on one skype session with KLP!

SAYYA brings the party vibes with a house driven remix, where impressive piano stabs, and a driving beat build and flow around the animated topline. With each listen you discover more and more details within SAYYA's fine production. For a first every remix, ENEMi has killed it! The producer has implemented lush layers packed with baroque effects, and subtleties. Further to this, ENEMi has built upon KLP's original with crisp breakdowns, sophisticated synths, and euphonic harmonies. Bringing in serious funk is Champloø, with a masterclass in mixing natural acoustic components, with fabricated electronic elements. Muffled effects are paired with piquant piano, and dynamic beats.

SAYYA, Champloø and ENEMi all brought their A-Game, and smashed the remixes of 'Melt'. You can check out all the other entries over at Wavo.

I really enjoyed working on this one! It actually came together really quickly and in my experience those tracks are always the best ones. Piano stabs are back in a big way and they will just never go out of style in my mind, timeless!
I was overwhelmed by the amount of great remixes submitted for this comp and spent hours listening to every single one. As hard as tried to pick just one, it was impossible! So I decided to pick out 3 that were original and stood out, and that I could also imagine myself playing in my shows.