PREMIERE: Koh-Dee - Blowin' It Up

Tasmanian producer Koh-Dee is back with his sensational sound for ‘Blowin It Up’.

If you’re familiar with Koh-Dee’s previous lo-fi fuelled releases, ‘Blowin' It Up’ is sure to subvert expectations. The single’s relatively atmospheric opening erupts into a bombastic progression, designed for the depths of a club at 3am. Through blending lo-fi ensembles with gritty bass breakdowns, ‘Blowin’ It Up’ has positioned itself as a unique release in the dance scene. This transformation of Koh-Dee’s sonic showcases the young producer’s adept artistry as he continues to evolve as musician.

Koh-Dee’s continual progression has set him as one of Australia’s promising acts to keep an eye on.

kohdee 5_1.jpg