PREMIERE: Koh-Dee - Watch You Go

Tasmanian producer, Koh-Dee has just released ‘Watch You Go’, a buoyant single that’s sure to get you grooving.

Bubbly, and jaunty are the first words that come to mind when listening to ‘Watch You Go’s production, a complete juxtaposition to the track’s brooding and reflective lyrics. Intelligent and resourceful use of samples provide lush layers to the single’s ornate structure. Koh-Dee’s vibrant vocals dance along side sweeping synths, animated arpeggios, and playful beats. ‘Watch You Go’ blends Koh-Dee’s flourishing soundscape with a traditional future bass ensemble, resulting in a unique piece of music.

Koh-Dee is certainly one to watch as the musician continues to develop.

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‘Watch You Go’ is my first of many singles planned for release (continuing throughout 2019). The song was inspired by my girlfriend setting off on a voyage to another country without me, by boat. This is why the intro actually features chopped up samples of dock and beach ambiance, water splashing, seagulls and etc. I then expand on this atmosphere by adding more noticeable water sounds after the first chorus. The lyrics are expressing how I felt at the time with “can’t you stay just a little bit longer”, “your love holds me so close” and “I can’t seem to watch you go”. The song kind of represents me falling in and out of daydreaming about her, I guess I fell hopelessly in love with her.
— Koh-Dee