PREMIERE: Korky Buchek - Stick & Move ft. Zulo Biggs

Do you love a bombardment of sensational samples that forms a terrific trap tune? If so, Sydney siders Korky Buchek have you covered with their soaring single, 'Stick & Move' featuring Zulo Biggs.

Put simply, 'Stick & Move' nails everything you expect with an eclectic trap track. That said, Korky Buchek have built upon the genre, and have further capitalised their defined sound with elite aptitude. An onslaught of slicing samples meld uninterrupted with a boisterous beat resulting in a complex, yet approachable soundscape. The elated aura Zulo Biggs divulges is utterly infectious, elevating 'Stick & Move' to new levels. It's evident that Korky Buchek and Zulo Biggs went out of their way to deliver a track ready for the dance floor. 'Stick & Move' nails a fetching persona, that'll be sure to stick in your memory for some time to come.

Korky Buchek, and Zulo Biggs are top-tier artists, who have a knack of producing bangers! I can't wait for another collab, and releases on their individual projects.