PREMIERE: Loston - Solitaire

Western Australian producer, Loston has reignited his musical flame with 'Solitaire'.  If you love the brooding production of James Blake, you'll fall for Loston's aesthetic. 

Put simply, 'Solitaire' is a deceiving soundscape. The single seems to portray a sparse semblance, that gradually builds before returning to a minimalist design. Upon further inspection into Loston's composition, a baroque construction is revealed, filled with a fine fusion of minute elements. Lush lyrics flirt with spirited synths, that delicately dance upon the bombinating beat. With each listen, the elaborate architecture of 'Solitaire' continues to reveal its intricate structure. For 'Solitaire', Loston will not only capture the ambient audience's attention, but he will capitalise on it, with his production prowess.

After listening to 'Solitaire', I can't wait to hear the composer's debut EP, Echoes, that's set to be debuted soon.