PREMIERE: Noella Nix - Closing In

Brooding, emotional, and personal. Gold Coast producer and vocalist, Noella Nix has nailed it all in her new single. Noella Nix has just dropped her sensational single 'Closing In' from her forthcoming EP, due out early 2018.

'Closing In' boasts intimate melodies and soaring highs within Nix’s expertly crafted topline evoking heartfelt passion. This energy is complemented by the profound production for Brad Hosking. Together Hosking and Nix have designed a single that is a true modern day ballad, where electronic elements morph seamlessly with traditional pop elements.

Noella Nix has smashed this one, we can't wait for the next one! With more releases, and a compelling live show on the horizon, it's clear Noella Nix will continue to rise up the ranks of the electro pop scene in 2018!