PREMIERE: Otherwise Fine - It's Always Been U

The masters of sleepy bangers, Otherwise Fine have made a triumphant return with ‘It's Always Been U’.

Since their debut EP in 2018, Otherwise Fine’s whimsical bangers have become a staple in my music library. ‘It's Always Been U’ progresses the ethereal and dreamlike soundscapes the artists’ forged in their earlier work, while adding revitalising aspects to the abstract vistas. The evolution and further focus on energetic elements aids in elevating the single’s bespoke structure. Cleverly crafted vocal chops morph seamlessly with precise piano and surging synths, to culminate into a lavish ensemble of sonic pleasure. Otherwise Fine’s ‘It's Always Been U’ is a promising start to 2019, and a superb addition the producers’ already impressive discography.

I can’t wait to hear what’s to come from the Otherwise Fine boys, I’ll definitely be one of the first in line to give it a listen.

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