Adelaide producer and vocalist, PNK FME has returned to the scene with his sensuous single 'Jaded'. If you adore Post Malone, you'll love PNK FME.

With each release, PNK FME seamlessly mixes new-age rap with traditional electronic styles, and 'Jaded' is no exception. 'Jaded' builds upon PNK FME's mature and moving introspective nature, resulting in various memorable moments throughout the track. The abstract production harmoniously complements 'Jaded's heart-aching topline.  'Jaded' is one of PNK FME's strongest performances to date, showcasing the young musician's developed mindset, as a producer and lyricist. A disorientating music video compliments 'Jaded's release, filmed by MD Imagery, and directed by Daniel McPherson.

We highly recommend keeping an eye on this young gun! PNK FME is well on his way to the top and Australia's answer to Post Malone.

Edler Park Stage Pic 2.jpg