Adelaide producer and vocalist, PNK FME has just dropped his striking single 'THO'.

For 'THO', PNK FME mixes new-age rap with traditional electronic styles forming a hybrid of sounds. The track's topline portrays the introspective nature, conjured from the deep and impactful moments in PNK FME's life. The rousing poetry within the vocals is further bolstered by the abstract and whimsical production. PNK FME isn't afraid to follow the "less is more" approach, with 'THO' brandishing a minimalist soundscape. PNK FME harmoniously melds the ethereal divinity of his production to the heartache driven topline with expertise and prowess. This showcases the young musician's mature and developed mindset, as a producer and lyricist.

The depth and meticulous attention to the details has set PNK FME on the road for an outstanding year ahead.

Edler Park Stage Pic 2.jpg