PREMIERE: Savannah Sgro - Moody

American muso, Savannah Sgro has dropped ‘Moody’, a lush and reflective pop piece.

‘Moody’ captures the sensuous sonics of Savannah Sgro’s previous releases and evolves them. Sparse instrumentals open ‘Moody’, setting the surreal soundscape for Savannah Sgro’s surging vocals to gradually unfold. The single’s crisp contours flow freely, adding a fluid dynamic to the tender and raw lyrics. The verdant vistas of ‘Moody’ is another step forward for the artist’s continual progression. Written by Savannah Sgro and Maddy Rodriguez, ‘Moody’ is a powerful pop piece that sings to the soul.

Savannah Sgro’s presence within the pop scene is on the rise. I’m keen to see this talented musician on the international stage.

‘Moody’ is about me dealing with my anxiety/ depression and taking it out on the people that I’m closest with, specifically my boyfriend at times. Don’t worry, I’m working on not doing that anymore! Opening up has always been really hard for me, but he is always so patient and is always willing to listen whenever I need to talk. I’m really lucky to have someone in my life that is able to be there for me in that way.
— Savannah Sgro