PREMIERE: Skeler - Tetsuo

Perth producer Skeler has made a serious splash in the scene by bringing the 'Wave Movement' to Australia through his rollicking release 'Tetsuo'.

Broad beats, and a spectral semblance ease the listener into 'Tetsuo' as eerie echoed elements foreshadow the impending brutal breakdown. The drop brandishes striking synths, barbarous beats, whilst a boisterous bass romps through the single's cavernous constitution. Poignant pads offset the single's cacophonous composition, adding ethereal undertones. 'Tetsuo' isn't your quintessential Wave track, rather Skeler blends the lines between Trap and the progressive nature of Wave.

If you're new to the Wave scene and want something to satisfy your heavy music cravings, Skeler has you covered. If you want to explore what else Wave has to offer you can listen to 'Tetsuo' and a whole Wave discography via Liquid Ritual's Volume 1 LP.

Skeler 02.jpg