PREMIERE: Tobacco Rat - BitDrop Pt2 [MUSIC VIDEO]

Hold onto something, because you're about to be blown away! Scampering back into the light is Tobacco Rat, and his glitch heavy music video for 'BitDrop Pt2', which previously featured on the Component EP. You can read our EP article, HERE.

Tobacco Rat subverts all expectations of a traditional music video, and basically throws it under a bus. Tobacco Rat isn't one to follow tradition or stick to the to norm. As an artist he pushes ideologies, and presents his view in a unparalleled way, resulting in becoming one the most recognisable personas in the underground electronic scene. We previously described 'BitDrop Pt2' as "[a mix of] euphoric analogue synths with harsh glitches and shattering break downs." This sentiment stands for the music video; a perfect translation courtesy of director LO$ER UN!T (a boutique art collective).

If this music video is anything to go by, we're more than excited to see Tobacco Rat's next visual release.