PREMIERE: Yollks - Charms (ColDrip Remix)

Melbourne’s Yollks and her stunning single ‘Charms’ has received a club ready flip thanks to fellow creative ColDrip.

In Yollks’ original composition, ‘Charms’ blossoms with ethereal elements that dance through a vast soundscape as lush lyrics and fluid facades flowed freely. For the remix, ColDrip places an emphasis on tech and lo-fi in the single’s overarching facets whilst maintaining the core premise of the transient track. A stripped back beat drives ‘Charms’ forward as vivacious vocal samples recoil repeatedly in the extensive ensemble. ColDrip’s limited editing to the lead lyric illuminates ‘Yollks’ striking vocals for the riveting rendition. ColDrip has not only captured Yollks’ essence, but has built upon it in his remix of ‘Charms’.

Yollks and ColDrip are two of Australia’s exciting entertainers rising through the ranks! I can’t wait to see what’s next!