Quiet Bison - Nightfall

Quiet Bison has proven to be a force to be reckoned with on countless occasions, now the Portland producer is back with the Nightfall EP.

Entering Nightfall with any preconceived notions on experimental electronica, will either reinforce a listener’s stance or completely shatter them. Over the seven track EP, Quiet Bison doesn’t challenge tradition, rather he ignites a match and watches it burn. The confronting and complex nature of Nightfall is everything I’ve wanted in a release from the rising star, as he forges his own path in a scene saturated by monotony and routine. The abstract and free form nature of each release acts as a system reset. Through purging complacent consumption and replacing it with a renewed sense of musical exploration, the forward thinking producer has generated a fresh and invigorating outlook. Without a doubt, Quiet Bison’s Nightfall is one of my favourite releases of 2019, and it’ll be hard to top the utterly elating experience.

Quiet Bison is maintaining his upward trajectory and there’s no slowing him down.