REMIXED: King IV - We Can Get It (Feat. Rromarin)

Prepare yourself for some tuuunnnnnneeees!

Our favs King IV and Rromarin and their track 'We Can Get It' has received four absolutely great remixes, courtesy of some amazing up and coming producers! We vibed the original (You can read our thoughts on that HERE), and we're in awe of these remakes.

Kicking off the EP is the one and only Donatachi with his crisp and ecstatic PC party vibes! This tuner is followed up by Ok Sure's cosmic creation, that'll be sure to boost your mood to the moon! These otherworldly formations continue with Future Stranger's ethereal and synth driven mix. Closing out the EP is Ronan's grungy warehouse party handiwork, and oh boy it's a bloody banger!

Be sure to check out King IV along with these divine remixes!