REVIEW: BV - B2V Mixtape


By Luke Byatt,

After previous cuts ‘Huh’, ‘Slug’ and the most recent brooding track ‘Up in the Flesh’ captured the attention of the internet and airwaves across the globe, the trio have unleashed their latest mixtape, ‘B2V’. A collaborative project from producers Marcus Whale, Jarred Beeler and Lavurn Lee, BV originally came to life as a ‘live only’ concept. It quickly morphed into something suited for more than just the club and the trio self-released their first full-length, ‘Black On Black on Black’ in 2013. Constantly evolving, BV's new mixtape cements their reputation for dark grooves that have just as much place as a dark secret on headphones as they do foil for mutant dance floors.

"BV have really worked their experimental sound to the next level with the 'B2V Mixtape.' Dark and abrasive is name of the game with the majority of the tracks produced in B2V; this paired with blissful vocals offer an overall eerie beauty to the mixtape. I thoroughly enjoyed the stripped back production, but I have to admit this isn't for everyone. Chatting to a variety of music lovers there was a mixed response, but mostly love for the mixtape. Myself, and the Futuremag Music crew still highly recommend checking this one out regardless of music taste. BV's "B2V Mixtape" is piece of unique art that shouldn't be forgotten." - Luke Byatt (Futuremag Music)


Not for everyone, but definitely a piece of art that shouldn't be forgotten

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