RL Grime - NOVA LP

Hard hitting bass extraordinaire, RL Grime has smashed his way back into our lives with the NOVA LP.

Nova is without a doubt is some of the best work we've heard from RL Grime. The 15 track album boasts the cataclysmic flurry of boisterous bass we expect from the accomplished producer, while also providing moments of relief within its soaring structure.

If you love RL Grime's ruthless bass onslaughts, then sink your teeth into 'Feel Free', 'Reims', 'Pressure', 'Era', and 'Rainer'. Each single breaks the boundaries of the bass scene raising the bar. Alternatively, If you're feeling something smooth, but still maintains a strident sound, RL Grime has you covered. 'Shine' featuring Freya Ridings, 'Light Me Up' featuring Miguel and Julia Michaels, 'Undo' featuring Jeremih and Tory Lanez, 'Take It Away' featuring Ty Dolla $ign and TK Kravitz, 'OMG' featuring Joji & Cheif Keef, 'I Wanna Know' featuring Daya and 'UCLA' featuring 24hrs, all present a mixed persona, pulling reference from flourishing soundscapes to the dark ensembles. RL Grime also has the ambient, and ethereal audience in his sights. The top tier producer enthrals with empyreal soundscapes through, 'Shoulda', 'Run For Your Life', and 'Atoms' featuring Jeremy Zucker.

RL Grime has produced an LP fitting for all music fans, while also blurring the lines between genres. With each subsequent release, RL Grime continues to extend his reach throughout the music scene. I can't wait to see what's next for this outstanding musician.