RL Grime x graves - Arcus

Trap and bass king pin, RL Grime has teamed up with electro star, graves for ‘Arcus’, released via RL’s new label Sable Valley.

‘Arcus’ retains the impeccable polish and seamless production we’ve grown to expect from RL Grime and graves. Although ‘Arcus’ flourishes in its cyber aesthetic, human driven undertones shine through, delivering a compelling charm to a stout single. This organic essence is often lost in heavy electronic pieces as sonics clash for attention. RL Grime and graves have subverted this notion by carefully balancing stems to formulate a fleeting yet personable piece of production. I can’t listen to ‘Arcus’ without goosebumps, the track’s collaborative effort is a masterpiece that sings to the soul.

RL Grime and graves are certainly heavy hitters within the scene. In addition, I can’t wait to hear what’s to come from Sable Valley.

251018 RL PRESS PIC.jpg