Robinson - Medicine

New Zealand pop singer-songwriter, Robinson has struck again with her scorching new track ‘Medicine’.

At it's core, 'Medicine' encapsulates heartbreak and agony, forged through lavish lyrics, and memorable melodies. The vivid verses resonate beautifully, while the wholesome chorus crescendos with texture and life. The addition of trickled beats towards the end of each chorus further elevates 'Medicine's’ vivacious production, marking the progression into the next verse. In her own words, “Medicine is about not realising the weight of your actions and words until it happens to you. It’s about having a taste of your own medicine”. Robinson's expressive vocals entice the listener to absorb every aspect of the single, and reflect on their own experiences. There's no doubt that 'Medicine' will be stuck in your head for a long time to come!

With a total of 60 million streams to her name and counting, Robinson is an artist on the rise. I can’t wait to see what comes next!