Royal And The Southern Echo - Don't Think About Me

Brisbane is known as a guitar city, and Royal And The Southern Echo’s new single ‘Don't Think About Me’ features a heap of the iconic instrument but with a twist.

‘Don’t Think About Me’ morphs indie pop with vivacious electro rock, think Empire of The Sun or The Jungle Giants soaring sounds. The amalgamation of tradition and musical modernism may appear like naff affair, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Royal And The Southern Echo carefully balances each element into a coherent and catchy composition. The single swells with confidence and pride as it blossoms into the chorus. The art of rememberable repetition is in play from the outset, resulting in the listener singing along before the track is over. Royal And The Southern Echo has certainly flexed his adept artistry in ‘Don’t Think About Me’.

Be sure to check out Royal And The Southern Echo at BIGSOUND when the festival rolls into Brisbane in early September.

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