SAATSUMA - Overflow LP

Melbourne based duo SAATSUMA have returned to unveil a masterpiece of an album, entitled Overflow. 

Memphis and Cesar, the pair behind the SAATSUMA project have a knack of constructing alluring and engaging electronic soundscapes through their ethereal sound design. The Overflow LP is no exception to this sentiment, with each track building a celestial aura around it.

Overflow's exploration of human fragility is exposed throughout the album's duration. With each track building upon the previous, Overflow cultivates the best of SAATSUMA. Ghostly pads, sensuous synths, and cosmic drums reverberate throughout the LP to build a stunning piece of sonic architecture. These instrumental arrangements allows for Memphis' otherworldly vocals to traverse Overflow's striking, and sensual scenery.

Overall, Overflow crafted itself as sensitive, yet mystical persona of self reflection.

We highly recommend checking out this phenomenal album, and catching SAATSUMA live next time they pop into your local. SAATSUMA are set to bring their live show to Northcote Social Club this Saturday for their Overflow album launch, followed by a performance at Sydney's tastemaker festival, The Plot in November.