Samsaruh - Speaking Fire

Samsaruh continues her series of sensational singles with, ‘Speaking Fire’, one of her strongest releases to date.

‘Speaking Fire’ is laced with edgy vocals, a high-octane beat, and a diverse mix of infectious instrumentals. Taking reference to her previous single ‘Gunpowder’, Samsaruh focuses on rollicking riffs making it comparable to St Vincent’s Actor, or Bishop Briggs’ Church of Scars. ‘Speaking Fire’ maintains the stout persona Samsaruh has forged in previous singles, while also bolstering her signature sound.

For an artist with only a few single releases to her name, Samsaruh is rising to the top of the game. What’s next for Samsaruh? I’m not sure, but I’ll be eagerly waiting!

Samsaruh Red Edit.jpg