Savannah Sgro - Love Me Like You Used To

Hailing from Vegas via Nashville, American vocalist and rising pop star, Savannah Sgro has just released her brooding track, ‘Love Me Like You Used To’.

‘Love Me Like You Used To’ captures the heart wrenching emotion of a break up and associated fall out. Delicate percussion melds with vast piano and poignant pads, as vocoder elements form a base for Savannah Sgro’s impressive vocal performance. The spacious production by Johnny Simmen is the perfect foundation for Savannah Sgro’s vivacious vocals to surge unbridled. The balance between ‘Love Me Like You Used To’s sweeping contours and structured lyrics written by Naïka and Savannah Sgro lend to the track’s alluring, yet unsettling nature. Savannah Sgro has certainly flaunted her musical aptitude in ‘Love Me Like You Used To’, and it has resulted in a top tier pop piece;

Savannah Sgro’s remarkable discography is continuously growing. I’m eager to hear what’s next for the promising act.