Seduna - sad day 4 a sad gal

Sydney's resident ambience master, Seduna just released a new track that's certain to pull the heart strings.

'sad day 4 a sad gal' morphs Seduna's signature hiphop style drums with somber synths, and ghostly samples that construct an eerie soundscape. The track's persona flows, twists and turns like an aimless wander around a disorientating environment, before it succumbs to a sense of emotional of loss. On the surface, 'sad day 4 a sad gal' seems to be a peaceful experience, but when delving deep into the production, Seduna exposes the coping mechanisms of the human condition when dealing with grief.

Seduna's production is bold, but not how you'd traditionally perceive it. The artist extends and challenges the boundaries of ambient electronic music, through evoking an emotion journey. I can't wait for Seduna's next release!