Self Tape - Mexico and Cloché

Sydney producer and renown house and tech DJ, Self Tape has just released two new grooving tunes, ‘Mexico’ and ‘Cloché’.

‘Mexico’ opens with a muted vibrancy that gradually blossoms over the course of the single. The melodic tech house structure of ‘Mexico’ is designed to captivate long-time fans of the genre while also remaining approachable to un-indoctrinated newcomers. Each element of the release layers seamlessly, resulting in a sensuous experience no matter the time or location.

‘Cloché’ retains similar qualities of ‘Mexico’ but packaged in a darker veil. Drawing resemblance from Self Tape’s previous release ‘Hanging Over You’, the single fuses lush lounge ensembles with driving minimalist house. The track’s hybrid composition lends itself to the club dancefloor or a cruisy Sunday session.

 For ‘Mexico’ and ‘Cloche’, Self Tape capitalises on his surreal soundscapes while also pushing the boundaries of his discography. Be sure to keep a close eye on this rising electro star as he continues to release top tier tunes.