Shallou - Souls EP

LA based vocalist and producer Shallou is no stranger to ethereal and uplifting tones, with shimmering synths, airy arps, and vibrant vocals taking centre stage of his productions. Now, Shallou can add another seven captivating compositions to his catalogue with the release of the Souls EP. The seven track EP boasts some of best music we’ve heard from Shallou, thus far. If you’re a fan of Porter Robinson, Tourist, Madeon, or Purity Ring, you’ll absolutely adore Shallou’s Souls EP.

‘Sigh’s airy atmosphere, sample rich production opens the EP as succulent synths simmer throughout. Soul’s second single, ‘You and Me’ draws on lush electro-pop elements that flourish within the luminous soundscape. ‘Find’ builds upon the sensuous aura of ‘You and Me’ with indulgent instrumentals radiating with Shallou’s vivacious vocals. ‘Vignette’ follows suit, as an angelic aura grooves its way throughout the single’s duration. ‘Lost’ is symbolic palate cleanser, a hypothetical reset returning to the EP’s roots of spacious samples, and spirited sonic arrangements. The passionate and heartfelt vocals from Riah take the spotlight and project ‘Lie’ to new heights as a dense back beat drives the single’s progression. Rounding out the Souls EP is ‘Skin’, a single that’ll leave a lasting impression as acoustic elements blend seamlessly with crisp electronica.

Shallou is proving he’s a force to be reckoned with and the Souls EP is a testament to that. I’ll be closely watching Shallou’s movements because his next release is certainly going to be a banger.

Luke Byatt