skeler - WORLDS AWAY

Offttt... That's the only expression I could muster after listening to skeler's new single 'WORLDS AWAY'. Over the past year, Perth based producer has been bringing the wave movement to Australia, and adapting it to our local audience.

Traditionally, wave is an variation on drone/ambience mixed in with a bass driven genre. skeler has taken this concept, and flipped it with 'WORLDS AWAY'. Masterfully melding the driving elements of DnB and the atmospheric vocal stems of drone, 'WORLDS AWAY' formulates a celestial soundscape. The single is an ethereal club track that pushes the boundaries of the Australian music marketplace, through the introduction of elements that are relatively unheard of in the Australian club scene.

skeler is at the forefront of the Australian wave movement, by slowly transforming the scene one song at a time. I can't wait to hear what's next for this outstanding producer.