Sophie Lowe - Taught You How To Feel

Actress and songwriter Sophie Lowe returned with ‘Taught You How to Feel’, a poignant and introspective reflection on her life journey.

‘Taught You How to Feel’ is a bitter sweet ensemble that explores the essence of the human condition. The track encapsulates the escape from a tumultuous relationship and looks into the unknown future, from a point of re-establishing confidence. The song is soulful and raw, yet innocent in its invocative reflection on affection, loss and complicated love. Through beautiful and poetic lyrics, Sophie explores the honesty in her pain. ‘Taught You How to Feel’ may be Sophie Lowe’s reflection of love. With soulful  self-awareness Sophie shares her story for the world to hear.

Sophie Lowe has bright future ahead, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Sophie Lowe shot by Bonnie Wright 2.jpg