Spoken Bird - Tell Me

Whenever I see a wave release in my E-Mail inbox, I tingle with excitement. I know the track is going to progress the reach of the dynamic genre, and provide a sensuous listening experience. Spoken Bird's latest single, 'Tell Me' out via leading UK wave label, Liquid Ritual addressed everything I expected, and so much more!

'Tell Me' swells with sophistication and production prowess. As ambient ensembles collide with a caliginous bass composition, the single oscillate from a light and airy semblance into an arcane existence. This delicate dance for ascendancy is utterly captivating. With each passing second, 'Tell Me' twists and turns, blending luminosity with aphotic aspects. A sweeping sub-beat drives the single, as shimmering melodies morph into a delightful deluge of sonic pleasure. 'Tell Me' is the perfect balance of light and dark; an equilibrium forged through exquisite artistry.

Liquid Ritual lined up a stellar release with Spoken Bird's new one! I can't wait to hear what comes next for this outstanding label, and ascending act.