Taka Perry - Move It On (Feat. Ned Philpot)

It's been worth the wait...

Aussie producer, Taka Perry has returned after a 10 month hiatus with his new single 'Move it On' featuring the lush vocals of Ned Philpot. Taka is known for crossing together pop music with experimental electronic influences, and that's exactly what he's done here!

'Move it On' continues on with Taka Perry's pop-funk-experimental-electronica vibes, but there's no real genre to pin this song into... The best way we can describe it as "a bloody banger." A catchy beat, and memorable melodies make up the bulk of the track with a cheeky guitar solo rearing its head partway through; all in all a solid production!

Keep your eyes trained on Taka Perry, there are some great things in the works!