TEES - Flow EP

Flow is the synth-heavy debut EP from Aussie duo TEES. As a whole, the EP feels like the dream-pop, nostalgia cocktail we never knew we needed. TEES have been instrumental in producing an original and organic soundscape that acts as a love affair with vintage sounds. This allows for the Flow EP to be a unique standout in the electronic scene.

Setting the stage for the lush EP is ‘Let Beauty Be’ with its smooth synth-pop elements. Sophomore track, ‘Boy’ follows, boasting a faster dance centric persona. Succeeding the sensational synths of ‘Boy’ is ‘Pull’ a single that flaunts a captivating bass rooted production. ‘On & On’ follows suit through fusing sharp lyrics with the grooving instrumental, a delightful signature of TEES work. Flow’s closing track, ‘Through You’ fades away with an irresistible bass-line that gives much potential to become a future club banger.

There’s something enchanting about TEES and their debut EP. The Flow EP speaks volumes about TEES prowess as a band and leaves me excited for future releases.

You can stream Flow in full, HERE.

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