The Venus Project - Volume 1

Georgia Nott from Broods has recently embarked on her solo project, The Venus Project. Georgia began The Venus Project to showcase and empower women within the music industry.  From production to management, The Venus Project is a celebration of many impressive creative female talents who often fly under the radar. Now, The Venus Project has announced Volume 1, a full length LP that's sure to pull your heartstrings.

The opening track 'Moon To Moon' blends ethereal electronic elements with traditional soul driven components. The single swells with stirring melodies, and gradual stems build upon each other inviting the listener into the album. 'Moon To Moon' progresses into my favourite track of the LP, 'Need Want', which opens with a somber soliloquy before erupting into a dark and glitch heavy electronic style. Following is 'Need A Man' with a indie pop feel, that is bolstered by soulful melodies, and commanding breakdowns. 'Numb' is another track that focuses on a melodic and vocal driven performance that strengthens throughout its progression. Volume 1 reaches it's middle point with 'Go Easy', a single that sends chills down your spine, as raw emotion is poured into every note. 'Won't Go' upholds the album's introspective aura though its textured composition and blossoming melodies. The sparse semblance of 'Take Me Out' further grounds the LP's emotive and reflective nature. A personal voice message from Georgia in 'Hey Love' expresses a personal intermission, as a vulnerable internal narration. 'Daughter of The King' amplifies the melodic nature of production with blooming vocals, and mollified piano stems. 'Sorry Kids', a highly synthesised single that elegantly concludes Volume 1.

Volume 1 is an outstanding album that marries together various production styles to construct a raw, emotional, and sensitive collection of tracks. The Venus Project is a master class in production and songwriting, I can't wait to hear what's to come next.

Luke Byatt