Thrupence - Ideas of Aesthetics

Thrupence has returned to grace your ears with his debut album Ideas of Aesthetics, a stunning collection of electronica, indie influenced instrumentals, and new age classical. Thrupence is the musical project of creative director Jack Vanzet. The LP meanders its way through various enigmatic scenes, to eventually climax, and resolve dreamily. Collaborating with his brother Edward, and the musical goddess Wafia, Ideas of Aesthetics becomes more than Jack’s individual project. It becomes a collective talent that transports the listener into another surreal realm, a soundscape to an imaginary film.

The LP is spectacular, and well thought out; an intelligent piece of production. That said, a few particular songs really stood out to me, ‘Rinse Repeat,’ ‘Conversations’ featuring the brooding vocals of Edward Vanzet, and ‘Atmos’ performed by our musical sweetheart Wafia.

‘Rinse Repeat’ frames tension through a brooding, anxious tempo, paired with waving melodies before erupting into a transcendence of highlights, and sparkly synths. A graceful finish to a vivid and tense track.

‘Conversations’ is a masterpiece in itself. Extravagant wobbling synths, balanced by stripped back drums gives way for Edward Vanzet’s soaring vocal performance. The song twists and turns through an elaborate soundscape, as Edward’s picturesque vocals climb and dip, in and out of focus. Pure harmony in production, the Vanzet brothers nail this one!

‘Atmos’ is unquestionably the climatic track of the whole album, and rightfully so; Wafia hits every mark, and goes above and beyond. Everything you’ve listened to so far has been designed to transport you to this point, to deliver, and prepare you for the sheer kaleidoscope of emotions. Do not skip to ‘Atmos,’ hold out, and experience the LP first! The payoff is that much more rewarding.

I highly recommend listening to Ideas of Aesthetics