Tiana Khasi - Meghalaya EP

With jazz musings and a full-bodied flow, Meghalaya is a standout debut EP by Brisbane musician Tiana Khasi. The EP delves into different shades of electro and R&B infused jazz-pop, creating an embracing experience across its seven-track long run!

Opening with a delicate self-titled track, Meghalaya immediately strikes with a soulful fusion of the Muso’s instrumental talents, before her stellar voice fills the frame. ‘Meghalaya’ is raw yet restrained, a teaser of what’s to come! Where ‘Meghalaya’ ends in a delicate flow, ‘They Call Me’ opens with sharp percussion that contains a compelling rhythm. It’s further enriched by both Tiana’s bewitching vocals and the quirky synthesisers that flow along the track. ‘Georgia’s Track’ blends the best of Tiana’s vocals with a slowcore, yet danceable beat and progresses with a message as Tiana repeats the question, “who’s Georgia?” The answer is repeated in the same sultry nature, signifying how little explanation is needed when the gripping emotion that contains this project is on show.

Tiana Khasi’s dedication to showing and not telling is one of the underlying charms to Meghalaya and is at the heart of ‘Nuketown’. Initially released as her debut single, ‘Nuketown’ allows the fleeting vocal interludes to take full stage. With plenty of wispy synths and electronic noises; ‘Nuketown’ transitions into a harmonic wall of sound. In the penultimate track, ‘Whole Lotta Shine’, Tiana sings about finding joy in sharing her sound with the world. It’s a moment that could come across rather staged or jarring if an artistic with less of a grasp on their song were to convey that. But Tiana is in the moment; there’s no showing off, only a natural realisation that she is sharing something great.

With Meghalaya, Tiana Khasi has presented a fusion of jazz, pop and R&B that definitely has us at Futuremag Music eager to hear where she carries her sound from here!