Tilly Valentine - Coins

English based electro pop artist, Tilly Valentine has made an outstanding debut with her single 'Coins'.

'Coins' capitalises on a dynamic hybrid of grooving trip hop and buoyant RnB. Tilly Valentine's lush lyrics drift uninhibited through the fluid composition, courtesy of German producer,  Mattis. 'Coin' expresses a simple veneer, that hides a baroque structure of sublime stems. Each aspect of the track gradually builds to formulate a tenacious soundscape, lifting Tilly Valentine's vivacious vocals to new heights. Accompanying the sensational single, is an equally magnificent music video, filmed and directed by directed by Tilly Valentine and Luca De Gregorio. Tilly Valentine has come out swinging with 'Coins' and is set to make some serious waves.

Tilly Valentine is definitely making her mark within the scene, I can't wait to hear what's next!

It’s easy to get caught up with materialistic things and think that what you do or don’t have defines your worth. My concept for the video was to represent resisting the temptations and not losing sight of what’s really important.
— Tilly Valentine
Tilly Valentine by Luke Hopkins

Tilly Valentine by Luke Hopkins